- B O Y S C O U T -
BoyScout Distribution v.1.0 (176Kb)
Complete distribution with BoyScout Tracker, GBA Playback Library, Manual & Demo songs. Read the manual to get started making music.

- L I S T E N . M P 3 -
aegis - A Walk In The Park.mp3
aegis - Ladybug.mp3
aegis - My eleventh year (beek).mp3
aegis - Numb.mp3
dakota smith - alone in a corridor.mp3
dakota smith - andre is a winner.mp3
dakota smith - fight your boss.mp3
dakota smith - neer neer neer.mp3
mic - Paperboy theme.mp3
mic - Wizardry.mp3
saim - Groove boy.mp3
unknown - castlevania-boss.mp3
unknown - false-alarm.mp3
unknown - nails-of-lucifer.mp3
unknown - so_fast.mp3
unknown - the-crazy-dentist.mp3

- O T H E R -
Grooveboy (by Scania)
Winner of the Dreamhack 2001 alternative demo competition, uses boyscout for music playback.

- C O N T R I B U T E -
Please contribute to BoyScout by sending us songs or software in which you've used our tracker.. so just go ahead and send any stuff you want to share with other users to:
christer at pidelipom dot com