BoyScout is a PC Windows softwaresynth that emulates the GameBoy Advance sound chip. It lets you compose your songs in Windows through a tracker style interface with seamless transfer to GameBoy Advance. With modification of the sound playback libraries, playback should also be possible on the older GameBoy & GameBoy Color.

BoyScout requires DirectX 8 for sound playback.

BoyScout playback libraries have been found to work the best with VisualBoy Advance v. But of course hardware is the closest to the real thing.

BoyScout is a work in progress
and requires quite alot of testing before a FiNaL version can be available. Please give me suggestions & bugs reports, all feedback is most welcome.

- C R E D I T S -

Christer Andersson aka Chrutta
Design & Site: Markus Hoglund aka Aegis
Help & Testing: Johan Larsby aka Larsby
Moral Support: Jens Olsson aka Jashiin

Greetings to:
Robert Kopsen (my love to Alexander)
IRC #GBADev @ EfNet

Email: christer at pidelipom dot com